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Wrinkle Blocking Eye Serum


Wrinkle Blocking Eye Serum


Uniquely developed to dramatically improve skin hydration, firmness, and boast a more youthful, vibrant, and resilient appearance. The thick creamy texture glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Special Nylon-6 and Lipo light diffusers deflect light away from the eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin F helps the delicate skin around the eye area retain moisture more effectively, protects from sun damage, redness, swelling, and most importantly, wrinkles. Soy Isoflavones is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are biologically active against free radicals, stimulates production of hyaluronic acid in skin, protects against UVB light damage, and contains collagen-stimulating components. Ceramides, Hippophae Oil, and Emu Oil promote cell tissue regeneration and skin tissue restoration, while skin maturation is slowed.

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